Rivista di etica e scienze sociali / Journal of Ethics & Social Sciences

    Oikonomia is the journal of the Faculty of Social Sciences (FASS) of the Pontifical University of St Thomas in Rome (PUST). It is a collaborative project of the lecturers and students of the faculty, and of scholars who work with the FASS. The issues that are covered are those of the social sciences, as we understand them in our tradition, covering five areas: philosophy, law, history/politics, psychology/sociology, economics/communication.
    The subjects treated as the journal's editorial profile has developed have ranged from theoretical issues to reports on conferences, to reviews of important new books. Particular attention is given in every number to selecting a text from the recent or distant past, but which always has particular significance for the main theme of the number; this text, the "classic page", is always directly connected with the editorial.
    The editorial committee ensures only that a correct methodology has been employed by the authors of contributions. It does not vet the content of the articles, for which the sole responsibility lies with the authors.

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